"You've brought a vigor and insightfulness to the event that has put it on a different level than our past Global Summits. I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight knowing you're in charge. I'm so appreciative of your ability that I want to take lessons."
Ashley M. Page, IGA Communications Consultant
"I’ve been coming to these meetings since 1980-something and I can tell you that your educational session was the best we have ever had! Everyone I spoke with RAVED about you.  It was not only interesting and informative, it was very funny and witty." 
Wendy Morton, Kraft Foods
"You are an amazing speaker and certainly lived up to every expectation I had!"
Gail Graham, President, LPGA Tournament Owners Association
"I first heard you speak at the National Chicken Council Food Media Conference in New Orleans, LA. I was blown away by your presentation. Unlike the sleepy speeches I heard from the other guest speakers, you kept me informed, laughing, and eager to hear more." 
Loren Wood, Hoffman Media LLC
"The presentation and the following panel were one of the best ranked sessions ever!  Fabulous work by Michael Sansolo."
Robert Wilkinson, Coca-Cola Europe
"You were wonderful to work with - I appreciate your professionalism and flexibility!  I hope we can work together again in the future."
Tracey Durand, American Logistics Association/US Defense Commissary Association
"Thank you for your contribution to our study trip. The group's satisfaction was great and a lot of the credit goes to you! I enjoyed working with you a lot and would be very happy to have future opportunities."
Beatrice Orlandini, COOP Italia, Milan, Italy
"Thank you very much for your speech, the audience liked a lot, and you've been the highest rated speaker so I suppose it's not going to be the only time you'll come to Spain!!"
Mary Paz Vilaplana, AECOC, Barcelona, Spain
"The panel you moderated really helped set the tone and focused the discussion on the consumer as the ultimate beneficiary of all the food safety efforts discussed throughout the day."
Chris Waldrop, Director, The Food Policy Institute, Consumer Federation of America
"You were one of the best guest speakers I've ever had for my marketing principles class."
Frank Allen Philpot, Assistant Professor of Marketing, George Mason University
"I really enjoyed your speech today at our conference. Thank you so much for providing our company with some much needed guidance on how to change with the times. You created some raving fans down south today and in my 20 years you were the most dynamic yet relevant speaker we have ever had."
Alan Smith, Bi-Lo Supermarkets
"What a pleasure to work with such a pro and a nice guy on top of that.  Even the crew loved you.  I thought the Rally as a home run and much of the kudos go to your knowledge and on-stage connection with the audience."
Ron Burkhart, 7th Wave Communications
"The credibility and expertise you brought to our forum is central to our mission to service the industry’s educational needs with timely and informative information."
Tom Gilpatrick, Executive Director, Food Industry Leadership Center, Portland (OR) State University
"Not only are your essays timely and interesting, they are especially well written.  Considering the number of (allegedly) bright people in our industry, I am always amazed when I come upon someone who writes clearly.  The bonus is that your writing is often funny, which makes for entertaining reading as well."
Hilary S. Jensen; Corp. Reg. Sales Mgr. – Central; NECCO
"I just wanted to say that your article, The Possible Dream, was very inspiring to me.  I feel that your words also spoke poignantly to the marine conservation community and anyone seeking alternative solutions to today's business, social and environmental challenges."
Nadine Bartholomew, Seafood Choices