Michael Sansolo is a frequent speaker, moderator and facilitator at industry conferences and company meetings in the United States and around the globe; addressing crowds from 20 to 4,000; from college students to CEOs of Fortune 100 organizations. Sansolo features a wide range of topical choices and presentation styles. Some of his current presentations include:

Winning in Tough Economic Times:
Despite the current economic climate, opportunities for growth abound throughout business if you understand the history of economic patterns and recognize the shifting values consumers are seeking.  This presentation offers concrete ideas on how to find these opportunities, plus how to adjust your company’s attitude for winning today.
Surviving the Demographic Tidal Wave:
With more diversity than ever in the workforce, companies are stressed to train managers and associates to understand the many different skills sets, values and background of today’s workers.  But the gap between Baby Boomers and the emerging Generation Y presents the greatest challenge of all, especially as companies recognize the yawning leadership gap once the Boomers start retiring.  Learn how to get your team to understand the new rules of the workforce and fortify your company for the demographic tidal wave to come.
Getting Inside the Minds of Your Shopper:
Why is it that shoppers behave so differently when buying one product vs. another? Why do they splurge in one area and scrimp in another and how do you best position your company, your stores or your product for this complex marketplace?  Sansolo offers you a detailed model to help your company and your associates get a better fix on creating a winning difference for your consumers.
Building a Path to Health and Wellness:
Growing concern about health and wellness is impacting a wide range of businesses, but also creates a series of opportunities and a chance to build new bridges to today’s stressed shopper.  Learn key steps companies can take to improve health and wellness for their shoppers and employees.
Environmental Concerns:
Understand key business challenges and rationale to improve your environmental profile, with suggested steps to better your company’s green footprint…and your bottom line.
Untangling the Social Web:
Social networking is one of the most discussed and least understood topics facing business today. Learn how the social web offers companies an unparalleled opportunity to build community, communication and strengthen links to customers, associates and partners. This presentation offers specific details on how to understand the power of social networks, who uses it and why along with clear ideas on how to harness this emerging power.
Jumping to the Future With Lessons from the Past:
Understanding the key steps companies have taken (or missed) at critical points of change in the past can help your organization build a clearer vision of the challenges ahead and the mentality needed to seize the future on your own terms. This presentation of 100 years of business challenges foregoes nostalgia to focus on the pivotal lessons for you and your company’s future.
Moderator: Using skills honed as a reporter for newspapers and magazines, Michael Sansolo is expert at running insightful panels that will help your company work through challenging issues and build consensus in a positive and probing manner.  Participants in Sansolo’s panels have featured Chief Executives from Fortune 100 companies, small business managers and even college students.  Panel discussions can run from 30 minutes to multiple hours.
Facilitator: Want to give your entire meeting focus and purpose? Michael Sansolo frequently facilitates entire meetings, helping to position speakers, recapitulate major points, tie together key issues or even lead fun exercises.  Sansolo is available to run anything from half-day to multiple day events with energy and insights.
Program Planner: In his role at the Food Marketing Institute, Michael Sansolo helped build programs and educational conferences for all levels of business from front line management to CEOs; from crowds of 30 to 30,000.  Sansolo will work with you to identify key issues and to recruit a line-up of presenters sure to delight and enlighten your audience.
Writer/Analyst: A multiple award winning journalist for both daily newspapers and business magazines, Michael Sansolo can help analyze and compose articles and reports drawing heavily on research, financial data or even human interest stories.  In addition, Sansolo has worked with countless top level executives to compose and prepare their speeches.
Public Speaking Tutor: Many people fear public speaking more than anything on earth, but with a little coaching and practice, anyone can attain a level of confidence and calm.  Michael Sansolo has worked with organizations and even chief executives on public speaking style to improve connection with the audience and to help them deliver their most important messages.
Market Tours: There’s so much to learn about competition and consumer behavior by walking stores and shopping malls with an eye to specific detail.  Michael Sansolo can lead your team on customized market tours helping teams understand the tactics and strategies employed by all forms of retail establishments including supermarkets, drug stores, restaurants, mass merchants and even sports venues.